Harvey Milk Photo Center

Registration Begins: Sept 21st at 10am PST

Photo by Fred Lyon | www.fredlyon.com

Photographs by George Clapper

Behind the Scenes at de Young | Legion of Honor Museums

Photo by Arie Knoops

Jane Ivory • William Farley • Mark Citret

Street Art During COVID-19
Photography by William O'Such

Cover Art by Fnnch

The oldest and largest community Wet Darkroom in the United States

Photo by Jim Watkins

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Memberships and Locker Rental will be extended for the period of closure once we reopen.
All new memberships are on hold until further notice.

A Photographic Collection
Curated by Dave Christensen, Director of HMPC

Cover Photo by Mitsu Yoshikawa

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Lockers & Memberships at HMPC

HMPC is closed due to the Covid- 19.

Once we have a directive, we hope in later September, we will post the dates/time-windows for Members, for locker supplies pick up, on this front page of our website.

Just a note, all missing time, because of the Covid-19 closure for HMPC Memberships and Lockers, will be added to once we re-open, so not to worry.

We look forward to seeing you again.

Stay Safe & Well!

Last Update: Sep. 21, 2020

Closure Notice

We are currently still closed due to Covid-19.
Check out our virtual galleries and stay tuned for further updates.

Last Update: Sep. 21, 2020

COVID-19 Community Time Capsule

The San Francisco History Center of the San Francisco Public Library (SFPL) is actively archiving all types of materials, in multiple formats, to build a collection that documents and preserves the collective experiences of San Francisco residents during the COVID-19 public health emergency. 

Virtual Gallery

Art + Pride 2020

Community · Strength · Hope

Virtual Gallery

Between the Darkness and the Daylight

Jane Ivory • William Farley • Mark Citret

Virtual Gallery

Beauty of Impermanence

Street Art During COVID-19
Photography by William O’Such

Serving the San Francisco community since 1940, the Harvey Milk Photo Center is the oldest and largest community wet darkroom in the United States. Members have access to large format printers, film scanning equipment and a full feature digital lab with Adobe software. The Center’s educational program now exceeds 200 classes, workshops, and lectures annually, conducted by working professionals in both fine arts and commercial photography. Scholarships are available for anyone living in San Francisco wishing to take our classes. All exhibitions, lectures, special events and memberships are available to the general public.

The Harvey Milk Photo Center is a part of the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department. Since 1954, the Center has resided at 50 Scott Street, in the lower level of the Harvey Milk Center for the Arts building at Duboce Park.