Made at the Photo Center

Made at the Photo Center

We have a new space in our lobby entry that will be used to feature and highlight works made at the center by our talented volunteers, members, staff and students. Below are our current and past photographs on exhibit. Stop by the Photo Center and take a look!

Currently highlighted:

John Longyear, Photo Center Staff since 2015
Title 1: Dara
Title 2: Borchard and MichaelSilver Gelatin prints

For my Made at the Harvey Milk feature I decided to show a pair of 20×24″ silver gelatin prints, one of our former volunteer Dara and another of a nocturnal Eucalyptus scene at a gas station near my father’s house in Conejo Valley. They are both made with a 4×5 field camera and both the film and prints were developed here at the photo center during our regular business hours.

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Submission Form

The Harvey Milk Photo Center highlights the work of our members, volunteers, staff, and students “Made at Harvey Milk”. These works rotate every 2-4 weeks and we’re taking submissions for consideration on a rolling basis. Works must have been produced at the photo center, whether in a class, in the darkroom, or in the digital studio. Individuals may submit a minimum of two and a maximum of four works, from which two will ultimately be selected for display. 

All works must be smaller than 24″ per side to fit within the display area and must be delivered framed and ready for display. If selected, you will be contacted with a choice of possible display windows and drop off/pick up dates to choose from.  

Don’t hesitate to email us at with any questions regarding your submissions. 

George Clapper
Cirque of Swirls #9 Lights with Red Cloth
Cirque of Swirls #20 Spinning Top

Nikon D3400, Nikkor Lens: 70-300mm with Polarizer, Post: ON1 Photo & CS3, Print: HMPC Digital Lab, Paper: Hahnemuhle Natural White Pearl 320gsm

Cirque of Swirls

An overcast, dreary late January morning around 8:30am as the ‘T’ turned the bend, the tents of Cirque du Soleil caught my eye; ‘might be something here’.

Forgot about it.  Then one early March morning I decided to go; same time, same weather conditions, backlit, misty, tripod, handheld, across the street, on the MUNI platform, done.

Reviewed, decided to reshoot one image.  Next morning, same time, same weather conditions only this time more drizzle.  Got the shot (#9 Lights with Red Cloth).  Decided to walk the side street & back area.  The project grew to a final 21 images.

Volunteer since 2013

HMPC is a great place to stimulate those “little grey cells” as Poirot says.

Thanks Aaron, Parker, John for helping with the printer settings & my novice frustration.


Sasha Netchaev,
Photo Center MemberTitle of Work
#1: Queer Intimacy Title of Work
#2: Rodeo Beach

I chose these two prints because they were both documented in the same thematic vein of spontaneity and utter excitement. One of the photographs was taken at a Halloween party as I was peering up the staircase at my two gorgeous friends embracing each other and motioned them to pause so I could snap a quick photo. And the other was taken in the spur of the moment while I was doing a hike at Rodeo Beach and ran into this gorgeous horse passing by my friend and I. I love documenting tender moments in time, and my hope is that my photographs resonate and leave my audience in some form of surprise and simultaneous awe. I am a Photo Center member who has been going to HMPC for the past four years on a weekly basis. I am forever grateful for having access to HMPC and learning from the expertise and silliness of John and Aaron when I do come print. You can find me mostly making 16” by 20” prints on Ilford fiber glossy paper. It is truly one of my favorite meditative, creative practices to do in this life, and I am incredibly passionate about this craft!

IG @snetchaev,

Ashley Martin-Prideaux, HMPC Staff Member

Dallister and the Dog; 11x14in silver gelatin print
Sullivan Playing Dead; 11x14in silver gelatin print.

These two portraits are part of a project I’ve been making for years, documenting my immediate family. I like to make images in collaboration with the people in my family, to highlight the life we’ve gotten to share with one another. It’s also been my way of holding onto special moments with the people I love, showing the progression of our lives in the past few years.

Instagram: @ashprideaux

Past Exhibits:
Dante Sudilovsky, HMPC Member

Accidents I caused, years ago; 11x14in Gelatin Silver Prints 

By nature of their nature, these on-negative double exposures entangle images which necessarily remain apart in vision. I’m happy to have unearthed them from their burial under sheets of less-stochastic and worlds-together negatives. 

Instagram: @dantesudilovsky