Birgit Maddox

May 1, 2021 / 1:00PM – 2:00PM

Curator’s Statement

Timeless and sublime, like an elegantly orchestrated piece of music being performed by a maestro, one might hear in a moment when the wind shifts, while standing in a garden or woods, or remembering the moment when one’s thoughts swiftly evaporate, and you become one within the landscape being framed by Birgit Maddox within her viewfinder.  Sharing this special project has been a long-awaited event, but I know you will fall in love with the emotion and energy she fuses effortlessly with this beautiful collection of landscapes.

Dave Christensen, Director
Harvey Milk Photo Center, March 31, 2021

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Birgit Maddox

Photo by Michelle Magdalen Maddox

Artist Bio

Birgit Maddox was born in 1963 in the Northern part of the Black Forest in Germany and has lived in California for over 30 years. She returns to her European roots every summer, photographing mostly in Germany and Italy.  

Her continuous quest is to tap into what connects humanity with the natural world. Birgit works exclusively with Hasselblad 6×6. She prints and tones all of her own work, mixing many of her own chemicals that are no longer available.  

Birgit lives in Monterey, California where she produces Fine Art Silver Gelatin Prints, which can be found in Galleries such as Gallery Exposed, Photography West in Carmel and the Levin Gallery in Monterey, California and later this spring at the Taunus Gallery in Bad Homburg, Germany. She is an Awardee of the 15th Julia Margaret Cameron Award. 

Artist Statement

We live in a world of immediate gratification, instant access and 24/7 availability. We have lost our deepest desire and ability to be one with nature.

I want to dive deep in the mystery of nature. The work I do often draws me to the roads less travelled, beyond the busy streets of the modern world and into the neglected and forgotten places. It is there that the fertile grounds of mystery reside, the once worshipped and revered alters of nature. It is in these places that the lines between art and life blur, where nature reveals the mystery of expression.

Within each of us are the unique keys to unlock our joy, passion and path towards purpose. When and where we come to discover these keys is part of the mystery of life, part of nature’s grand design and scheme to keep the growth of consciousness going, rising and falling as it must to teach one and all the lessons of nature. Each photo I take is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, for it is both the lock and the key, the path and the destination, a work serving its own purpose, an instrument evolving into the music for which it was designed. 

“Communication with nature is the oldest and deepest form of spiritual practice, one that has been used since the dawn of history and before to connect us to our ancient ancestral knowledge. I am on a continuous quest to tap into the power of the elements and the mystery of what connects humanity with the natural world.”

Birgit Maddox – 03/2021

Dave Christensen
Director, Harvey Milk Photo Center

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