In Memoriam: Lawrence Ferlinghetti

In Memoriam: Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Mar. 24, 1919 (Yonkers, NY) – Feb. 22, 2021 (San Francisco, CA)

In Memoriam

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Mar. 24, 1919 (Yonkers, NY)  –  Feb. 22, 2021 (San Francisco, CA)

It was my wish and our deepest honor to create the exhibit showcasing the personal photographs which Lawrence Ferlinghetti created.  I invite you to look at these personal photographs, writings, and paintings which we have included below in our virtual gallery. These beautiful photographs and artifacts were curated by Dave Christensen, Director of Harvey Milk Photo Center and Maria Gilardin, Radio Producer/Journalist. The gallery was exhibited at Harvey Milk Photo Center from Aug 9th to Sept 14th, 2019.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti was one of those special individuals that lived his life to the fullest and left his gifts for all of us to learn from and to treasure.

Dave Christensen
Director, Harvey Milk Photo Center, San Francisco
Feb 24, 2021

*Cover photo by Emily Trinh

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, distinguished American poet, artist, and founder of City Lights Booksellers and Publishers, has died on February 22, 2021, in San Francisco, California. He was 101 years old. 

Ferlinghetti is the author of one of the best-selling poetry books of all time, A Coney Island of the Mind, among many other works. He continued to write and publish new work up until he was 100 years old, and his work has earned him a place in the American canon.

City Light Booksellers & Publishers

A Coney Island of Mind
Poems by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

We were honored to host an exhibit in 2019 showcasing the extraordinary photographs, poems, and stories Lawrence Ferlinghetti presented to the world.

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Click Here to Listen to the Interview Hosted by Dennis J. Bernstein, Featuring: Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Dave Christensen, and Maria Gilardin on 94.1 KPFA on Aug. 8th, 2019

“Seas and Shores”,  A Poem written and given in audio performance by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Lawrence Ferlinghetti Photographs Event Photos

Special thank you to Joseph Blum, Ben Illilli, Kevin Kelleher, Emily Trinh, and Jim Watkins for capturing these precious moments.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti Photographs Gallery Archive Photos

Gallery Archive Photos by Jim Watkins