Framing Memories

Friday, May 10, 2024, 4-7pm
One night only! Photography Exhibit.

One night only! Photography Exhibit.

Friday, May 10 4-7pm

HMPC Gallery

This exhibit features the photographs from students in Fotografía y Memoria (Photography and Memory), a Spanish class at the University of San Francisco (USF). Most students in this class had never held in their hands a film camera, much less processed their own film negatives, printed photographs in the dark room and matted their photographs for the collective exhibit. 

Although the learning curve was steep, students not only have acquired these skills in one semester, but they have also been able to apply them to deliberate projects in which they have explored the inherent connections between photographs and memories. Some photographs simply register moments and urban landscapes in the San Francisco Bay Area; others capture in portraits of loved ones the sense of loss experienced from what they left behind in their countries of origin; still others explore the connections between natural landscapes and gender and cultural rituals featuring disenfranchised communities (from Latinx to LGBTQ). Yet others either portray with dignity the anticipated departure of a loved relative; or simply nuance natural landscapes with a distinct personal mood. 

In this fifth edition of a collaboration between USF and the Harvey Milk Photo Center, I wish to express my gratitude to Chris Gould and Grant Rusk for their excellent workshops in dark room printing and matting, to John Longyear for his detailed help with students’ prints and to Aaron Anderson for helping students navigate the ins and outs of the center. I also wish to thank Melissa Keesor for her willingness to continue with this collaboration. 

Pedro Lange-Churion


Austin Asher, Liliana Azevedo, Annie Barrow, Jade Carter, Vladimir Cuadra, 

Gregor Gillen, Mateo Hansen,  Siobhán Larkin,  Andrew Love, Nathasha Moreno, Annais Offley. Yasmine Puac.