Amalie Langer

Eyes on the City 2021: City and Memories

Artist Statement

In December 2019, the first case of COVID occurred. Since then, it has become a pandemic that have affected the whole world. The whole world had to shut down, and adapt to a new life. Many people have died, many more have lost their jobs or are having issues providing for their families. We have realized how many normal things we take for granted in our daily life. Such as going out for dinner, going to concerts, spending holidays with all of our family, visiting our grandparents, going to the beach or the park or even just human contact. Hugging people or greeting new people. Now our daily lives are different. We aren’t able to go and do what we were used to. And if we go somewhere, we have to wear a mask and keep distance. We all have to do our part and wear our mask in order to get our reality back. In this project I used inspiration from Gail Wess and the idea of human flesh and urban flesh. The idea that all humans are flesh and so are the cities. Humans build them, humans destroy them. We are one with the city. Since Covid occurred, humans have had to adapt and so has the city. In this project, I wanted to capture Covid in the world. I have done this with portrays of people in different age groups, so it displays how we are all involved. 

Artist Bio

My name is Amalie Langer. I am 21 years old and I was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have played basketball for 15 years and I am on the USF Women’s basketball team. I am a junior and my major is Urban Studies. Growing up in Copenhagen has helped me a lot with my studies. Copenhagen is a very green city. Everyone owns a bike, and the facilities for biking are very advanced. When I first moved to San Francisco, I notices that almost everyone chooses to drive a car instead of biking. This is something I would love to work with and help develop a more environmentally sound and sustainable city. I also find architecture and urban design very interesting. I find it fascinating to watch how you can develop a city and design a city for people. I like that every city is so different from one another, and that every city has something special about them, that can be used in other cities. I find photographing interesting because it captures moments you never thought about or thought could be important. I like photographing cities. Small corners of cities, and public spaces. I also really like to take portraits or photographs with people in them. I think portraits captures something special. I like that you are able to look into people’s eyes and feel their energy and their history.