Film Camera Basics

6/15 & 8/10 Thursday 6pm-8:30pm
Chris Gould

Course Description

This hands-on class covers the basics in film camera usage starting with properly loading your film, exposure, depth of field basics and more. Please make sure to bring your film camera and a roll of film. 35 mm and medium format(120) will be covered. Please call the Photo Center if you at 415-554-9522 if you have any questions about this class.


Photo Center Orientation is not required for this class, but it is required if student wishes to come to the Photo Center outside the workshop to develop film on their own and/or print their own photos in the Darkroom.


Chris Gould (Scroll down for more information about the instructor)

Dates and Time

June 15 Thursday 6pm-8:30pm
Aug 10 Thursday 6pm-8:30pm

Class Platform


Class Number

36338 June 15
36351 Aug 10

Class Fee



Summer 2023 registration opens May 20 at 10am

*Priority registration for active scholarship recipients starts May 17

Instructor Bio – Chris Gould

Chris Gould is a photographer from Santa Rosa, California who has enjoyed taking pictures since he was a little kid. He studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and works in the black and white analog tradition -finding joy in the craft as well as the results. Chris has worked as a clerk and darkroom tech at the Harvey Milk Photo Center for over 10 years. He currently teaches currently teaches Darkroom Essentials u0026amp; Processes and Basic Black u0026amp; White Development.

Photo by Dave Christensen