Locker Notification

Dear HMPC Members:

As this pandemic continues to spread, it creates a greater uncertainty on when we will be able to reopen in 2021. You are welcome to leave your materials in the locker until further notice, as many of you will more than likely wish to return to HMPC once we do reopen in 2021. (Re-open date not known as of now). We will certainly post this date on our website when we are aware of it.

Should you wish to pick up your materials, we have set up a schedule and protocol for locker pickup.

Contact Person: Robby Roller

Phone Number: 415-603-8825

Dates and Time for Pickup: 
We will set up new dates/times after Jan 5, 2020, so stay tuned for further updates.

Locker Pickup Protocol: All members must meet in front of the Photo Center Main Outer Doors (Facing the Duboce Park).  You Must Be Masked, and call : Robby Roller at : 415-603-8825, when you arrive.  

*We do not have boxes, or bags to hand out, so bring your own box/bag to carry your materials with you.  Any/All chemistry will have to be removed, as we do not have a disposal service at this time, and this cannot be placed in the trash/garbage for environmental reasons.

* Requirements: You will need to be masked, and present a valid Photo ID, and will asked your locker number for which you are picking up all your materials.

Thank You. Once we are aware of our re-opening date, we will post all updates and notifications on our website:

We look forward to seeing you again when we can all get back to some level of normality.

Stay Safe!