Chris Gould

Course Topics: Darkroom, Black and White Printing


Chris Gould is a photographer from Santa Rosa, California who has enjoyed taking pictures since he was a little kid. He studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and works in the black and white analog tradition -finding joy in the craft as well as the results. Chris has worked as a clerk and darkroom tech at the Harvey Milk Photo Center for 3 years. He currently teaches Part One and Part Two of the Black and White Photography and Darkroom class.

David J. Gubernick

Course Topics: Lightroom Classic


My approach to photography is derived from my love of Nature and is based upon my emotional response to the beauty that I see. I strive for an artistic rendering to reveal the magnificence and miracle of life in its intimate details and grand landscapes. For me, photographing grand landscapes is primarily about the quality of light and the feeling of awe and wonder I experience in the midst of such sweeping beauty. Photographing close-up is a form of meditation for me as I become more focused, concentrated, and enter deeper into an often-unseen universe of vibrant colors and extraordinary patterns that literally takes my breath away. The world stands still, and I am at peace. Photographing close-up, it is possible to transform the seemingly ordinary to extraordinary. By sharing these intimate moments, through images that give form to feelings, I hope you experience a similar moment of wonder and delight, a gentle reminder of the ever present possibility of expanding our awareness to embrace the beauty and magic that surrounds us.

John Longyear

Course Topics: Digital Printing


John Longyear is a photographer and video artist from Newbury Park, California. He learned how to print in his home darkroom and graduated with a BA in visual arts from the University of California Santa Cruz. His primary foundation is based in traditional black and white printing, but he is interested in pushing the boundaries apparent in the intersection of darkroom and digital practices.

Grant Rusk

Course Topics: Matting, Framing, Personal Style, Gallery Tour & Discussion


Grant Rusk received his a master’s degree in art from Cal State Fullerton in 1973. He came of age as a photographer in the early 1970s, when the importance and meaning of photography as a fine art was widely debated in the art world. Through the establishment of several important graduate programs in fine art photography at the University of California’s Los Angeles and Irvine campus as well as the California Institute of the Arts and California State University, Fullerton, Southern California began to attract national and international attention for the diversity of photo based artwork produced in the region. He was deeply influenced by an approach to landscape photography developed in Southern California that came to be known as “New Topographics”.

Rusk’s photographs have been included in numerous prestigious group exhibitions including: Seismic Shift: Lewis Baltz, Joe Deal and the California Landscape Photography 1944-1984, American Photography in the 1970’s, Discovering the River: Perspectives on the L.A. River Watershed, Landscape Now, Emerging Los Angeles Photographers, and Eight Los Angeles Photographers.

His Photographs are in the collections of the California Museum of Photography, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Oakland Museum of California, Bancroft Library, George Eastman Museum, among others.

Quincy Stamper

Course Topics: Digital Photography


or many years has been a passionate arts educator of Bay Area youth. He is a San Francisco based photographer eager to capture the moments in life through portraits and food. He has fallen in love with photography for many reasons, but mostly because he is able to build relationships through his work. These relationships and stories motivate him to look for new ways to inspire his creativity. He thanks God everyday for giving him persistence and patience to create work that he is proud to share with people like you! His portfolio will show you how much he enjoys to work on images that inspire and uplift others.