Thomas Galli-Magerl

Golden Gate Park 150th Anniversary

Whenever you leave the house with a camera in your bag, a photographic journey begins. And I am one of those people who always have at least one camera in the bag. My passion for photography is probably one of the things that I inherited from my grandfather. He was a great photographer and taught me everything from focal length to aperture to shutter speeds. And I kind of got stuck with the analog process and still have the feeling that this is the most natural way of making photographs. 

Living in Graz (Austria) I don’t have the opportunity to visit Golden Gate Park on a regular basis. But whenever I come to San Francisco I try to take the time for a walk in the park. It seems that you can always find a new interesting spot. It’s a true wonderland for photographers. It actually doesn’t matter if you love doing street-photography, landscapes, architecture or portrait – you’ll always find a great subject at Gold Gate Park.