Terry Scussel

Golden Gate Park 150th Anniversary Exhibit

Terry Scussel is a California based photographer. His principal focus is travel photography, social justice photojournalism and photo art. 

While I live in Mill Valley today, I worked many years in San Francisco and have lived in the city several times over the last 50 years. San Francisco and especially the GGNRA and GGP have been very key to my photographic inspiration since the late 60’s. 

I’m also an Affiliate with Pro-Bono Photography. Pro-Bono Photo is a clearinghouse that matches worthy organizations with volunteer photographers to record their events and rallies. Typical clients are nonprofit organizations with a mission of community service, progressive political action, or environmental advocacy. In addition, I volunteer for several other cultural events such as Carnaval. 

I have been a photographer my entire adult life, which was started when my dad gave me his 1948 Leica camera. The Leica is now safely stored away. I have moved through many film cameras and now shoot exclusively digital. Being a photographer requires curiosity, patience, passion, technical skills and most importantly the desire to continually improve your craft. 

Photography is my passion, an art form and most importantly a tool as it can be used to spread the message of social justice movements, the beauty and the reality of the world around us. 

In 2005, after a lengthy business career, I semi-retired and changed my focus to photography and giving back to the community. I now put my business management skills to good use in Board leadership helping non-profit organizations meet and sustain their missions. I have been president for the last 11 years of Marin Ventures, a San Rafael program for adults with developmental disabilities.  

I truly enjoy capturing an image and the story behind the photo. Dorothea Lange quoted: “the camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera” – this is a quote to live by.