Swee Oh

Golden Gate Park 150th Anniversary Exhibit

As a part of documenting my professional projects, and during my travels, I began taking pictures of buildings with a point and shoot. At the time, I didn’t know anything about composition, light, exposure or post processing.  I was introduced to the world of photography in 2012, when a friend showed me his images on Flickr . He taught me the basics of post processing.  From that point on, I was hooked.    

When I moved to San Francisco in 2002, I stayed at the Inner Richmond for 8 years. My 8th Ave apt was just 5 blocks away from the park, and I used to walk De Young Museum and California Academy of Science very often, especially de Young museum when I get my inspiration.  

I’ve always been captivated by art –especially when the visual and emotional balance produced a yin/yang harmony within me and stirred my emotions with excitement.  I remember being inspired by the work of Hiroshi Sujimoto when I saw his exhibition at the de Young museum in 2007. I was so moved by the mood and mystery evoked from his seascape collection. It opened my eyes and sparked my passion in photography.  

During my first years of shooting, I encountered the fine work of Michael Kenna, Cole Thompson and Nathan Wirth.  I was struck by the beauty of their composition, vision and the depth of tonal range in their black and white work.  It evoked an emotion that compelled me to push my work to the next level.