Donald Kinney

Golden Gate Park 150th Anniversary Exhibit

I am Donald Kinney, and thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in the GGP150 exhibit.

With retirement 18 years ago, I was able to resume my passion for photography; and as it was in my youth—more or less—I eat, sleep and breathe photography, 24/7. 

I arrived in the Bay Area from the Monterey Peninsula 50 years ago in my late teens and have been enjoying GGP on a regular basis ever since, but one of my earliest memories is our family visiting the botanical gardens where towering ferns and trees like pillars must have opened my eyes as wide in amazement then as they do today.     

I get my inspiration purely from the excitement of making what hopefully is good image.  At times, I suppose, I also think it is my responsibility for us photographer to show the beautiful and artful world we live in.