Adobe Lightroom Classic – Virtual

9/23 – 9/30
Saturdays, 1pm–4pm, Virtual
David J. Gubernick

Course Description

Lightroom Classic (LrC) is a powerful image management and image editing software with numerous tools to help you create wonderful images. The lessons will be spread out over 3 sessions. We will cover the Library Module which is designed to streamline your workflow and organize your entire photo collection. It provides powerful tools for organizing your images, including the use of keywords, ratings, and flagging images and the use of Collections and Collection Sets not just folders. Learn how to import and organize your images efficiently using all the above tools and customize Lightroom for your needs. We will also concentrate on the Develop Module. The Develop Module is the powerful image-processing component of Lightroom and offers many tools for editing your images that affect the whole image or targeted areas of your image. We will cover all the global and targeted local adjustment tools. I will show you how to get the most out of the Develop Module to take your images to the next level and why to use a specific tool vs. another and how to export the finalized images. Whether you are a beginner or advanced photographer, this workshop will help you achieve your goals through providing a well-grounded foundation for organizing and post-processing your images. Don’t struggle to get your images looking the way you want, come to this class, and learn how to do it. Practice images will be provided, as well as written handouts.


Software: Lightroom Classic Note: We will not be using the cloud version. Students must have their Lightroom Classic software installed onto their computer prior to the first class. Photo Center Orientation is not required for this class, but it is required if student wishes to come to the Photo Center outside the workshop to develop film on their own and/or print their own photos in the Darkroom.


David J. Gubernick (Scroll down for more information about the instructor)

Dates and Time

September 23 – September 30
Saturdays, 1pm-4pm

Class Platform

Virtual/Online (Zoom)

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Instructor Bio – David J. Gubernick

My approach to photography is derived from my love of Nature and is based upon my emotional response to the beauty that I see. I strive for an artistic rendering to reveal the magnificence and miracle of life in its intimate details and grand landscapes. For me, photographing grand landscapes is primarily about the quality of light and the feeling of awe and wonder I experience in the midst of such sweeping beauty. Photographing close-up is a form of meditation for me as I become more focused, concentrated, and enter deeper into an often-unseen universe of vibrant colors and extraordinary patterns that literally takes my breath away. The world stands still, and I am at peace. Photographing close-up, it is possible to transform the seemingly ordinary to extraordinary. By sharing these intimate moments, through images that give form to feelings, I hope you experience a similar moment of wonder and delight, a gentle reminder of the ever present possibility of expanding our awareness to embrace the beauty and magic that surrounds us.