“Chinatown” Virtual Book Talk


Chinatown is the third in a series of contemporary documentary photography books by San Francisco resident and photographer Dick Evans – following his initial book in 2014 of Haight Ashbury and his 2017 award winning book on the The Mission . His approach in each case has been to develop an in-depth understanding of each neighborhood through close collaboration with leading non-profits, community organizations, artists and local businesses. In this book he collaborates with freelance writer Kathy Chin Leong, who has conducted over 100 interviews in the course of writing the text, captions and sidebar stories that provide context to the colorful images. All revenue from book sales will be donated to collaborating non-profit organizations.


Kathy Chin Leong is an award-winning journalist with articles published in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, National Geographic Books, Sunset Magazine, and many other newspapers and magazines. As a second-generation ABC (American-born Chinese), she grew up in San Francisco’s Sunset district, and spent nearly every weekend in Chinatown visiting her grandmother and helping her mother shop for groceries. While she has travelled the globe to Lebanon, France, Thailand, and Canada, rediscovering her Chinatown roots through collaboration on this book has been a journey of a lifetime. Kathy lives in Sunnyvale, California with her devoted husband Frank Leong Jr. and is the proud mother of two grown children, Gwendolyn and Aaron.


Dick Evans is a San Francisco–based photographer with an interest in documenting the colorful and rapidly changing neighborhoods of the city. Born into a ranching family in Eugene, Oregon, he graduated as an engineer from Oregon State University and subsequently obtained a master’s in management from Stanford. He has spent his fifty-year career in the global metals sector, living in five countries and multiple locations in Africa, Europe, and North America. It was during these travels that he developed an appreciation for the diversity and richness of different cultures—both global and local—and an interest in documentary photography.

Live Webinar Date and Time:

Jan 9, 2021 at 1:30 PM PST

See video below for Webinar Recording on Jan, 9 2021

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