Art + Pride 2020

Community · Strength · Hope

Special Virtual Project curated by Dave Christensen, Director of HMPC
Nicola Bosco-Alvarez, Project Producer
Qi Zheng, Website/Graphic Designer

Introduction from Dave Christensen, Curator

Where does one start to find the words that will speak to our community under these surreal times in which we find ourselves? For myself, art transcends and speaks to each of us beyond mere words. It provides us with strength, builds community, and offers new hope. It enables us to persevere and to move forward together in celebration. Art celebrates Life. We celebrate the 50th anniversary of Pride in San Francisco!
We are all looking for what’s next, which is vital for each of us, our community, and our society. How do we move forward in this unknown darkness? However, in the “now”, the present, we need to stop and observe, take in what is presented to us, and celebrate what has been created by so many talented artists, photographers, painters, sculptors, writers, performance artists, and filmmakers. This exhibit is a celebration of what has been created.
Our strength and instinct for survival have always surfaced for us to meet the task at hand when times have stacked against us. They compel us to gather as one focused tribe with a purpose, muster our collective energy, and move forward. We each create and dig deeper within ourselves to overcome whatever obstacles lie before us. Creating art is a process that has been forged from the soul of each artist. Finding the energy, oftentimes tapping into just sheer will, we focus our shared vision, working and contributing where we can be our best, thus giving back to our community and collective tribe the much-needed voice of hope and affirmation.

Welcome to our Art + Pride 2020 Virtual Gallery, this special project showcases 200 artists,  filmmakers, photographers, painters, writers & poets. We are honored to showcase these many talented artists this year in our Art + Pride 2020 virtual exhibit. This exhibit covers vintage and iconic images, as well as many contemporary pieces of art, which we know you will enjoy.

As Curator of this special online Gallery Project, and Director of the Harvey Milk Photo Center, in San Francisco. HMPC is part of the San Francisco Rec & Parks Department.

We would like to give a  very special thanks to Nicola Bosco Alvarez, our Co-Producer and Qi Zheng, our Graphic & Web Designer. We also thank Peaches Christ and Sister Roma, and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and The Stud, for all of their wonderful support on this project.

I would like to give a very special thanks to all of the artists and organizations on this project, including support from:
SF Rec & Parks Department
The J. Paul Getty Museum
The Horst Foundation
The Leslie–Lohman Museum of Art
San Francisco Public Library, Archives Collection
The Gilbert Baker Foundation
The GLBT Historical Society
San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco Bay Times
The New York Times
New York Public Library
A&U Magazine
The Pink Triangle
Peaches Christ Productions
Please continue to support artists in your community, now and going forward. Your support keeps the arts alive for each of us to enjoy. Each one of these artists adds an immense richness, joy, and depth to each of our lives every day.

We hope you enjoy this special collection.
Wishing each of you a Happy 50th Pride!

Dave Christensen
Director of Harvey Milk Photo Center
June 2020

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In Memoriam

Larry Kramer (Jun 25, 1935 – May 27, 2020)
Phyllis Lyon (Nov 10, 1924 – Apr 9, 2020)

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