George Clapper

Golden Gate Park 150th Anniversary Exhibit

Set out for a walk through the park. A vast sprawling area with monuments, structures, gardens, rolling meadows and activities to participate in as a group or individually.

All set, started to shoot and the Holga wouldn’t work – shutter release stuck and stuck again. Frustrating, yet I continued to cover ground with no results. Reminded me of what Adams once said, ‘sometimes you just have to go for a walk and discover what’s there before you shoot.’ (paraphase) Later I abandoned the shoot, repaired it, went back the next morning. I let the Holga lead me like a divining rod. Only 12 shots, no delete function only a fixed lens with all its faults and possibilities. What lay before me had to say something to me. An object was to become part of the expanse of the park.

After the first 5 shots I realized I was drawn to the open spaces which the Holga’s lens added to. Leading me to ‘The Great Lawn’ working title. Holga has an ability to capture an image as looking through a lens while in a dream. GGPK now 150 years has seen many changes. Plantings mature and fall away; structures stand and then another stands in its place; statues find a place then find another or just change direction.