From the Light

August 15- September 27, 2019

Jimi Crowley Photography Exhibit

We’re thrilled to present Jimi Crowley Photography Exhibit at McLaren Lodge: From the Light.

Exhibit Dates:
Aug 15, 2019- Sept 27, 2019

Opening Reception:
Aug 15th, 2019, 4:00pm-6:30pm

McLaren Lodge, 501 Stanyan Street, SF

Dave Christensen, Director of Harvey Milk Photo Center

Artist Statement:

My name is Jimi Crowley, a San Francisco native, born right up the street on Stanyan at St Mary’s Hospital. Most of my work photographing bands was seeking out the manager of the band and showing him some of my work. It always got my into the bands shows that I loved, included Rock, Reggae, Blues and Soul. I did it not for money but for the love of doing it. I always shot from the crowd since 1977, though It was The Rolling Stones in 1994 that first allowed me entry, allowing me to photography the band from the pit (a place known by all photographers). I’ve travelled the world photographing the acts I loved including The Rolling Stones. Award winning Irish Director Emer Reynolds is directing Phil Lynott: “Songs For When I’m Away”, a documentary, now in the editing stage of production, in which some of my photographs that were donated, and may appear.

For over 40 years I have been a photographer / videographer / and a video producer. Most of my work has been musicians, conventions all kinds, wedding photography, and other events. I’ve had the pleasure of working with great people, great talent and great companies like Air France, Air Touch, American General, Basic American Foods, Chips and Technologies, Compaq Computers, Foster Farms, Genentech, Glen Ellen, Intel, Robert Mondavi, Monsanto, Ortho, Pepsi, Piper Jaffery, and The Shaklee Corporation …to name a few.

I became interested in photography when I was in eighth grade after discovering the works of Ansel Adams and then Jim Marshall. When I was in high school, I received my first camera from my father Paul Crowley. I said, “but Dad what are the f-stops and how do I load 35mm film into this’. My Dad informed me, “never mind, this camera will give you the opportunity to learn perspective and composition”. After about a year, I used a Pentax K-1000 that borrowed from St Mary’s High School Prep in Berkeley. It was two years later, while attending McAteer High in San Francisco that I owned a Nikkormat, given to me by my father Paul. I still have it to this day but hardly ever use it. Most of my work is done using Nikon FM2 and a Nikon F3. Today, I still use Nikon.

At first, nature and people were my interests. Nature, because I wanted to follow the works of Ansel Adams and people because the house a grew up in was like a Grand Central Station for some very interesting characters. It was when I attended a concert in 1976, that’s when I realized what I wanted to photograph. I have always loved music and photography and thought I could combine the two. I have photographed and worked with such bands as The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Ziggy Marley, Jimmy Cliff, ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Wailers.

– Jimi Crowley