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ABOUT Lightroom CLASS:
Adobe® Lightroom® Classic CC can streamline your workflow, add drama to your images, and organize your entire photo collection — but only if you know all the hidden features. Lightroom CC is one of the best non-destructive editing tools out there, designed to handle tasks from importing off an SD card and organizing to editing, printing, and exporting for social media. But the extent of the photo editing tools likely means that, if you are self-taught or just opening Lightroom CC for the first time, you’re missing out on some key features.
As part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, the Lightroom Classic photography plans also include Photoshop and cloud storage, creating a complete image editing toolkit for photographers. 
When you purchase this course you’ll gain access to an enduring resource to build your skills. You will also receive a workbook that acts as a reference guide, Lightroom presets, and Lightroom keywords, all included with the class.
Join well-known software instructor Ben Willmore to learn how to process and organize your images more efficiently, leaving more time to spend capturing amazing images. In this 20 lesson course, Ben covers everything from importing to troubleshooting and everything in between. As a boot camp, this course is set up so professional photographers can spend about an hour or so each weekday to learn the ins and outs of Lightroom in just four weeks.

This class is designed for Lightroom newbies as well as self-taught Lightroom users ready to uncover the hidden features and Photoshop experts ready to try Adobe’s non-destructive RAW editor and organizer. As a recent class, the workshop also explains Lightroom’s latest new features.

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 2018


July 21 

2:30 pm – 4:00 pm


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About Instructor

RE Casper

Born in southern Illinois, Casper left the rural river-lands of the Midwest to work in a multitude of artistic industries throughout Chicago and the Bay Area. With a background in graphic design, illustration, journalism, photography, cartography, and podcasting, his journey focuses on the pursuit of learning new methods of expression. 
Currently focused on documentary and street photography, Casper captures the candid reality of humanity in an effort to shine a light on the forgotten challenges of American industry. His work has been featured in numerous publications including Chicago Theater Beat, San Francisco Magazine, WeStreet, PlusOne, Boonville Daily News, Berkeleyside and more. 
Beyond creation, Casper works to share artistic knowledge by hosting numerous photowalks and workshops in San Francisco and produces the photography podcast, StreetPX, a conversational show, centered on the personal stories of street photographers, documentary photographers, and photojournalists from around the world.  
Check out the show on StreetPX, iTunes, Google Play Music, or your favorite pod-catcher of choice.